7 Personal Branding Secrets of the Truly Successful

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Your brand is your identity. It’s the perception of how others see you, and is what people say about you when you’re not around. If harnessed in the right way, it is your success differentiator and what sets you apart from others.

Many people have come in and out of my professional and personal life. Some I’ve met only once or twice, many I’ve known and worked with for longer periods of time, and others that I’ve watched or read about on mainstream and social media. Amongst all these interactions, there are those that have left a profound and memorable impression on me. They are distinct, unique and impressive individuals that are achieving great success, and share many of the following qualities:

  • Clear vision in who they are and the value they bring
  • A great reputation that precedes them
  • Personality that shines through
  • A recognisable style and image
  • Authentic – What you see is what you get!
  • Consistent

What differentiates these successful individuals is that they’ve made the conscious decision to align their values, strengths and purpose to their Personal Brand.

This deliberate approach is what gives them their edge and authenticity. It gives them clarity in what their personal brand is, and purpose in how they project their brand to others. Culminating in a clear, successful and lasting personal brand.

Here are a few ways you can discover and harness your very own successful personal brand:

1.    Discover and Invest in your Brand

Successful people are highly self-aware and are in tune with who they are, and who they are not! They recognise that what sets them apart from everyone else is their own unique experiences and perspectives.

Take the time to discover the core of who you are – your Values, Personality, Talent and Purpose. Invest in developing and growing these unique qualities and align them closely to your personal brand.

2.    Own your Reputation……before others do it for you!

Successful people take ownership of their reputation and their personal brand…..before others do it for them! They have clarity in who they are and what they want to be known for. They show up each day the way that they want to be perceived.

Recognise that what you do every day, the choices you make and how you do it, informs and shapes how others will perceive you.

3.    Don’t try to be someone that you’re not….Just be You

Successful people learn from the positive qualities of others, they draw inspiration from others……but don’t copy or imitate others.

It’s hard work trying to be someone that you’re not, and inauthentic brands eventually get caught out and lose credibility. Instead, take the inspiration and lessons learned from others for the purpose of complimenting your core values and strengths.

4.    What’s your Brand Style?

The dress style of the most successful people is recognisable and memorable. They are respectful of the environment that they are in and the people within that environment, however they recognise that their image is a key non-verbal body language element.

Your appearance makes a strong visual statement about how you see yourself. Discover your brand style that is consistent with your values. The look and image that is authentic to you and brings out your most confident self.

5.    Walk the Walk

Simply put, the actions of the most successful people back up their brand and reputation. Being known for executing and delivering adds significant credibility and trust in your brand. That’s what brings longevity in your personal brand.

6.    Bring a Personal Touch to your Brand

Successful people are great story tellers and share their personal stories and experiences with others. They humanise their interaction with others which brings realness and integrity to their brand. In turn, others develop a connection with their brand.

7.    Keep your Brand Allies close

Successful people surround themselves with allies that bring out the best in their personal brand. Whether it’s your colleagues, friends, sponsors or mentors, surround yourself by people that believe in your personal brand. Surround yourself with trusted allies that will challenge you to help you strengthen your brand. As well as those that will champion your brand.

Bringing this all together, your personal brand is how people recognise you and will remember you by. Presenting an inhibited or masked version of yourself will only serve to dilute your brand. Focus instead, on the aspects that showcases the real and best version of yourselves. Be the person that you want others to talk about when you’re not in the room. The person you want to be remembered for!

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