The One Gift Every Truly Successful Person Has

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When I think about the people that I have come across in my career and personal life that I would consider truly successful, they all share a common set of traits and characteristics.

  • The talent for what they do comes across so naturally and effortlessly
  • They are knowledgeable and thought leaders in their chosen field
  • Their passion is infectious
  • They inspire others
  • They are positive, energetic and enthusiastic
  • They are self-assured and radiate confidence

Talented, Passionate, Knowledgeable and Happy!!  Have these “lucky” individuals seemingly stumbled upon the “holy grail” for success, bestowed only on a chosen few?

In fact, what differentiates the truly successful is that they’ve discovered what I like to call, their Authentic Gift, and they’ve made a conscious decision to make it a central and significant part of their career and personal life.

They embrace and trust in their authentic gift. They invest time and effort in developing it. Their authentic gift gives them the grit and resilience to persist through criticism and setbacks. They celebrate the successes it brings them, but never get complacent or take it for granted.

Like a fingerprint, their authentic gift is unique only to them. It can’t be copied or replicated, no shop sells it and can’t be ordered on Amazon. There’s no algorithm that can be written or code that can be cracked. It’s is a bespoke blend of their talent, their purpose, their passion and their ambition.

The good news is that success is not just limited to a chosen few. We all have our very own authentic gift, which once found and harnessed in the right way can unlock limitless potential and success. Going through a journey of self-discovery to identify your authentic gift is the first step towards achieving true success, and there are 4 areas to explore that can get you started on that journey.

1.    Rediscover what makes you feel Alive

Take the time to rediscover what makes you feel alive…..and do more of that! Start with your earliest memories and work through your life and career journey to recall those significant moments that invoked strong emotions of achievement, happiness, inspiration and pride. Ask yourself these questions…

  • What were the moments when you felt most successful?
  • When did you feel your most confident?
  • What were the times when you felt an overwhelming sense of pride?
  • When were you happiest?

Look back over these significant moments, and reflect on what role you were playing, who else was involved, the activities you were doing, and the skills that you were using.

If you look closely enough, a common theme and pattern emerges that links together these experiences, and holds the clues to understanding your purpose.

2.    Identify the Talent that has always come easy to you

Each and every single one of us has a talent that has always been with us. When your talent is called upon, (whether at work or in your personal life), it rarely feels like hard work and comes very naturally to you. You enjoy using it and when new opportunities present themselves that requires this talent, you’re often the first person to put your hand up. It’s a talent that your colleagues, friends and family see very clearly in you, and you are the first person that they go to when they need help.

Identify the talent you want to be at the core of what you do every day. The talent you want to commit time and effort developing and growing.

3.    Who Inspires you?

Whether it’s a mentor, friend, colleague, family member or public personality, there are individuals that inspire, energise and motivate you. These role models exhibit traits, values and achievements that resonate with you, and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

Inspect what it is about these role models that inspires you:

  • Are you inspired by the impact of the work they do?
  • Are you inspired by their passion and messages they deliver?
  • Are you inspired by their values and how they treat others?

Understanding why others inspire you can often help you determine your own motivations and ambitions. Seek out the opportunities that will allow you to develop and move towards these motivations and ambitions


4.    Figure out what you really care about 

  • What is important to YOU……and how can you help make it better?
  • Who is important to YOU….and how can you help them?

Fulfilment comes from contributing to, changing or influencing something or someone that is important to you.

Identify the opportunities where you can spend time working on the things that really matter to you. This is where your passion comes from.

Bringing this all together, discovering your authentic gift is an important first step, however achieving true success requires you to make the conscious choice to making your authentic gift a significant part of your life and career. It takes commitment and effort, however it can be the key to unlock a more successful you, a more confident you, a more content you and a more authentic you.

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