Lost Your Mojo? Here’s 3 ways to get it back

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We’ve all been there!

One day you’re on top of the world and nothing can go wrong. You feel confident and you are in your element. Your personal and professional growth seems to be moving in the right direction. Then, (as if from nowhere) you find yourself in a rut, more anxious than normal. Don’t have the energy. Feel stuck. Your career lacks focus and direction and purpose.

You’re wandering who moved my Mojo??

A lot of people feel stuck but struggle with figuring out exactly what’s wrong and what aspects of their life and career they want to change or improve. The reality is that there is no secret formula or motivational video that will magically rekindle that burning candle of inspiration and fulfilment. However, starting with knowing what questions to ask and avenues to explore can help with making a leap forward towards, not only emerging from this stuck state of mind, but transforming and thriving.

It starts with understanding who you are and what makes you tick. Exploring and figuring out your strengths, motivations, work style, personality. 

In other words, building greater self-awareness to understand who you are at your best, and the potential pitfalls that may distract or move you away from the course of being the best of who you are.

1. Do you enjoy the problems that you are solving every day?

Have you ever worked on something that you were so enthralled in that when you took a moment to stop – a few hours had flown by? You’re sat there wandering where the time went! Some describe this state-like trance as an ‘Autotelic’ experience. It derives from the Greek words, ‘Auto’ (Self) and ‘Telos’ (goal or purpose).

Our mojo and motivation comes alive when we are able to spend our time working on problems that bring out the best in us. Work that brings out that desire in us to solve problems simply because we find it deeply satisfying and personally challenging.

Whether you are in the business world, an entrepreneur, science or the arts – seek out opportunities that will inspire the greatest level of creativity in you. The problems that you enjoy solving. 

2. Do you believe in the impact of the work you are doing?

“One cannot lead a life that is truly excellent without feeling that one belongs to something greater than oneself” – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

One thing is inevitable, whatever and wherever you work! There will always be bad days at the office! Frustrating days! Parts of your work that are mundane and tedious! Even days where you have your confidence knocked by a peg or two.

However, one of the important ingredients that can keep your mojo alive is doing work where you know and feel like you are contributing towards something that is greater than yourself. Some call it purpose or being part of an important mission.

Finding that (as the french say) “raison d’être” is the very thing that gets you through the bad days at the office, gives you the grit to bounce back from failure and gives you that feeling of achievement at the end of a long day. The feeling that you actually made a difference. It gives you perspective and always reminds you of the bigger picture.

The closer you are able to align your work and your environment to your personal values…to the things that really matter to you….that are bigger than just you, the greater the meaning and impact of your work will be.

3. Does the work you do play to your natural strengths and talents?

If you inspect closely enough, you will realise that there are certain things you do both at work and in your personal life that comes very naturally to you. You tend to be the first person your colleagues or friends come to when they need help or advice on, when it comes to that talent.

Doing work that allows your talents to shine brings Confidence. Doing work that allows you to invest, develop and grow your talent brings Mastery.

Identify the talent you want to be at the core of what you do every day. The talent you want to commit time and effort developing and growing.

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