5 Communication hacks You need to start right now to be Successful

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Being Heard, Understood and Memorable are all key ingredients to achieving success. The busy pace of our professional and personal lives means that there’s a far greater emphasis on being able to communicate clearly, concisely and in a compelling way. Particularly in the workplace, “brevity is king” and there is less sympathy for messages that come across as verbose, complicated and don’t get to the heart of the message quickly.

Whether it’s during a presentation, project briefing, one to one or interview, here are 5 communication hacks you need to start doing right now to build success in you career:

1. Keep The Words and Language Simple 

Use words that your audience will understand. The smaller the better, and certainly not ones your audience are going to need to go a google-search for afterwards. 

2. Keep the Phrases Short 

 It goes without saying busy professionals and executives tend to have a short attention span. Make your point and move on.

3. Speak with Authenticity and Passion 

Turn up the energy dial. If you don’t sound interested in the topic or message, others certainly wont! You have to look and sound like you believe in your message. Your audience may forget what you said but they won’t forget how you made them feel.

4. Make your Message Memorable 

Particularly in a presentation setting. An interesting fact or analogy thoughtfully weaved in goes a long way to your audience remembering what you had to say, long after the presentation is done.

5. Bring Your Message To Life

As the saying goes, images and pictures speak a thousand words! Key hack if you want your audience to get it – and fast!

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