The Career Elevator is a Digital Media Magazine founded by Nelson Derry in November 2018 by the UK Businessman, Blogger, Speaker and Coach Nelson Derry

Our mission is to Elevate, Empower and Inspire others to lead Successful, Purposeful and Fulfilling careers and lives. We help motivated individuals from all backgrounds fulfil their career potential through self-development advice and inspiring stories.

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Nelson Derry started his website driven by his passion for unlocking the potential in others. He has spent the last 15 years working as a senior executive across several business sectors including Investment Banking and Management Consulting. This included a decade at Goldman Sachs where his career journey started.

Nelson has been featured by the Financial Times and Empower as one of the “Top 30 Future Leaders”.

Nelson has mentored and coached many Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Emerging leaders.

Check out Nelson’s Real Life Story as he shares life growing up in Kenya, his role models and inspirations for investing in others through sending the elevator back down.

Sending the Elevator Back down: What I Learnt from my childhood in Kenya